“Times, they are a changing!” In the 1950’s, according to Salary.com, the “good dad” was the breadwinner who brought home the bacon and his loyal wife fried it up, sat in “his” chair, doled out some discipline (especially when mom would say, “Just wait until your father gets home!) and he mowed the grass. But now, things are a little different.

Seems 4 out of every 10 families women are now the breadwinners. The number of stay-at-home dads has doubled in the last 25 years and working dads are redefining the work/home life balance. They are taking on more responsibilities around the house making these jobs high on the scale of importance right up there with their salaries.

So what is a Dad worth? What are the jobs Dads do most at home? According to a recent survey, this is the work dads say they do weekly:

Stay-At-Home Dads – Working Dads

In total, the stay-at-home dads work 59.7 hours a week. Considering base pay and overtime, they would earn $5,955 a month or $71,463 per year.

Working dads spend 32.3 hours a week on these household and child related tasks. They would earn $3,089 a month or $37,064 per year. This figure would be in addition to whatever salary they make at their “go to” jobs.

Being compelled to look back about a month ago to my blog, “A Mother’s Worth” we see that the stay-at-home and working dads’ hours and pay pale in comparison to the numbers that was reported by the moms. Stay-at-home moms worked 96.6 hours for an annual salary of $90,076 and working moms made $63,471 for 55.9 hours. (Okay, don’t flog me…these are not my numbers!!!. All of the survey numbers are self-reported by survey participants…not me!!!)

However, does this survey make you wonder if dads deserve all the attention they get each year on Father’s Day? It has been estimated that Americans will spend a record amount of $15.5 billion, or $135 on average for Father’s Day. Is dad really worth that much? Have the price of neckties gone up that much?!!!

Regardless of the numbers, all kidding aside, it is worth noting that dads are “embracing fatherhood at all levels and even though their value can’t truly be quantified, Salary.com wants dads to know we appreciate all of their hard work.” We at The Farmers Bank feel exactly the same and love all our fathers. You are more valuable than what any number indicates. Thanks for all your hard work, especially for taking out the garbage. We love you. Happy Father’s Day. Here’s your necktie!!!