“Loyalty is the faithfulness or extreme devotion to some person, country, group or cause that you advocate. When you are firm and faithful in your feeling towards something or someone, you are considered loyal. Loyalty is a virtue which lays the foundation of trust and understanding in relationships.”

Here, at The Farmers Bank, we believe we have some of the most loyal customers, friends, and employees around. The bank, itself, has been loyal to our communities since 1912. That’s a long time for one bank that has never been sold out or changed its name.

So we ask ourselves, “Why?” Why has The Farmers Bank been in business so long? Through The Great Depression, the 2008-2011 Economic Downturn, world wars, and so much more, the bank has survived it all. Why? Because we have always had good leadership, loyal customers and employees. Just within the last few weeks as I talked to customers, I asked them how long they had banked with The Farmers Bank. I got anywhere from 56 years to just last year. Fifty six years is a long time to trust anyone or an institution. We must be doing something right for generations of the same families to still be banking with us. That’s loyalty!

Then again, as I look around at the employees of the bank, I see employees who have worked for The Farmers Bank for a few short months or years, but most of us have worked here for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and a few over 45 years. Again, I have to say loyalty is the reason.

It has been said that “you earn loyalty by doing something good for your people.” I say it comes by being there for them when they need you, by getting them what they need, by standing up for them, by taking real risks for them, and by helping them realize their dreams.

As we start to wind down to the end of this year, I think I can speak for all the employees of the bank when I state that we appreciate your loyalty whether you are a part of our customer family or bank staff. We love what we do and that’s a really good reason to come to work each day.   I saw this anonymous quote a few years ago that I believe explains “loyalty” better than I ever could. Thank you for your loyalty.

“Loyalty is not to be applied blindly but judiciously, as it is given to those who are honest, ethical and sincere. Wisely applied, loyalty ennobles both the giver and the receiver.”