Side Hustle 101

By: The Farmers Bank

Have you ever thought…”I need a side hustle!” NO!!! At 68 I have to admit that someone had to explain this terminology to me. I have thought several times during my adult life that I needed a second job, just something to get me (us) ahead, pay off debt or money to invest. It’s all the same thing no matter what you call it. A side/part- time job or a side hustle is really a good idea but what can you do? I can sense you rolling your eyes right about now! Just keep reading…

Here’s why side hustles are a good idea. According to Bobby Hoyt, Millennial Money Man, there are only two ways to beat debt and get ahead financially. He says “you can either make more money, or spend less. If you do both, you’re a financial baller.” A lot of people can find the willpower to spend less money but it is harder to make money. I can personally confess that asking for a raise is not always effective. You are thinking there is no way to make extra money that is truly easy and you cannot master the art of making more money over a weekend but at least take your first steps toward your new goals.

Here are a few hustles you can start this weekend:

  • Buy and Sell Items on eBay – You can actually look around your house and find old stuff and sell it. I have bought some pretty crazy stuff (old car or tractor parts, rusted Tonka trucks, etc.) off eBay, so why not sell that stuff. If you don’t have old stuff, hit a few yard sales this weekend.
  • Start a Blog – I know this sounds crazy but if you have a good message, write that blog. You have a ton of potential to make money here. Visit or sign up for free blogging courses and learn everything you need to know to get started and blog the heck out it.
  • Become a Tutor – If you enjoy spending time with other people and are good at some particular subject or activity, there are lots of people out there that would pay you to teach them.
  • Pet-Sitting – If you are a responsible person and love animals, pet-sitting would be an awesome job to try. Advertise on Facebook or other apps for customers.
  • Drive for Uber – I used Uber in New York City and loved the convenience. This will require a decent car, however. I wouldn’t have gotten into that car in New York if it had more dents than my car.
  • Rent your car out via Turo – You literally rent out your car instead of driving someone else around like Uber. It’s the Airbnb of cars. Research this idea. It’s pretty interesting how much money you can make and Turo provides insurance for anyone who rents their car out to users.
  • Become a virtual assistant – If you can answer emails, do light excel work or are an organized person, this might work for you. A lot of online entrepreneurs need virtual assistants.

I have a niece (a millennial) that started a side hustle selling a health product. She had used and loved the product and saw a way to make a little extra cash for herself and her family by selling the product. She worked really hard at it in the evenings and weekends and grew her business. Now she is making good money and just got the option of a new Lexus, Mercedes Benz or Tesla. I am not saying that everyone that works really hard will be awarded a new car but she had a goal to make life better for her family and she has now made it her stay-at-home career.

Whether you want to make extra student loan payments or bring in some extra money, you can make time to do this. If you enjoy Netflix or video games every night, you have time to start a side hustle. Please don’t say you don’t have time. Trust me, it works.

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