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Buy Now or Cry Later – What to Buy and When

September 25th, 2018

Buy Now or Cry Later – What to Buy and When Don’t you just love a good sale? There is nothing like walking into a department store to find they are running a sale like “Buy One, Get Two Free!” Most of the time, we just luck up on these sales. I have the habit […]

Side Hustle 101

May 15th, 2018

Side Hustle 101 Have you ever thought…”I need a side hustle!” NO!!! At 68 I have to admit that someone had to explain this terminology to me. I have thought several times during my adult life that I needed a second job, just something to get me (us) ahead, pay off debt or money to […]

Teach Children to Save

May 1st, 2018

Teach Children to Save The American Bankers Association says that savvy savings can start at any age. That makes it our responsibility as adults to teach our children about money. How early should we start lessons on the value of money and savings? The ABA says as soon as a child starts learning to count. […]


April 24th, 2018

Emergency! Question…Why would you keep $1,000 in a low-earning savings or checking account when you owe $2,000 on a credit card with a double-digit percentage interest rate? Is this a wise decision or just plain foolish? Look at all the money you could save in interest and fees if you paid down that credit card. […]

New Study Finds Eating Out is Cheaper than Cooking at Home

April 17th, 2018

New Study Finds Eating Out is Cheaper than Cooking at Home Recently while scanning the web, I saw an article by Jane Dornbusch that caught my eye. The article was titled “New Study Finds Eating Out is Cheaper than Cooking at Home.” Really! Great, I can get rid of that stove in my kitchen, knock […]

Staycation: Fun Day Trip Ideas

April 3rd, 2018

Staycation: Fun Day Trip Ideas School is almost out! It’s time to start thinking about summer vacations, but money is going to be tight this summer. Not too sure what to tell the family about taking a trip? Consider a staycation! Have you ever walked through a home built over 200 years ago and wondered […]

Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

February 21st, 2018

Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill Let’s be honest. There is nothing more annoying than aimlessly wandering up and down each aisle at the super market trying to figure out what you need…until it comes time to pay the bill! Am I right? Here are the top five ways we have found to […]

A Budget: The “Gotta Have It” Plan

February 6th, 2018

Submitted by: Faye Well, it’s February! How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Hopefully, you haven’t broken all of them yet. So far this year, we have talked about saving money, giving, weddings and health. Don’t you feel better already?? So if one of your resolutions was to get into better financial health […]


January 12th, 2018

The presents are put away, the tree is down and all is well with the world…WAIT…STOP…WE SPENT HOW MUCH??? THE CREDIT CARDS ARE MAXED OUT!!! How did that HAPPEN??? Welcome to my Christmas Past, but not my Christmas Present or Future. Years ago, I bought the presents, hoped everyone was happy and cooked lots of food. The only […]